EST. | 1863

26 Alpha St.

Slough, Berkshire

Open from 10AM - 1AM

Sunday 10AM - Midnight


The Alpha Arms has not always been a pub; it began as a family house as a result of the Enclosure Act of 1808. The Beer Act of 1830 made it relatively easy for a beer license to be obtained and the Alpha Arms was granted a full license in 1863. The owner was a Mrs. Bott of Slough and the occupier was Thomas Cox. The leaseholder was Messrs Langton and Burrows of Maidenhead. The Alpha Arms located on the east side of Alpha Street and just south of the junction with Herschel Street. With the coming of the railway in 1838 houses and streets were built for the growing population of Slough and the footpath became Alpha Street and was the first side street to link the High Street with Albert Street. The Alpha Arms underwent major refurbishment in 2009. In the photograph the single storey front extension is of a later date than the two storey building behind.


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Tel: 01753 53 83 83





Real ale is a beer brewed from traditional ingredients (malted barley, hops water and yeast), matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed, and served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide.

Brewers use ingredients which are fresh and natural, resulting in a drink which tastes natural and full of flavour. It is literally living as it continues to ferment in the cask in your local pub, developing its flavour as it matures ready to be poured into your glass.


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